Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa A Marri (centre), Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, during his inspection visit to Al Barsha Police Station Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Al Barsha Police Station Cheques Division of Dubai Police amicably settled cheque cases worth around Dh315 million in 2021, compared to Dh264 million in 2020.

The figure was among many statistics revealed during an annual inspection visit to the station by Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa A Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police.

During the visit, it was also announced that Al Barsha Police Station achieved an average response time for emergencies of only 2 minutes and 45 seconds in 2021 – well under the target of six minutes.

According to the annual report of Al Barsha Police Station, the station achieved a target of 100 per cent regarding the duty officer’s presence at reporting sites across the area of jurisdiction.

Fewer injuries

Al Barsha Police Station also carried out a number of traffic awareness efforts last year, including the motorcycle and bicycle campaign, which aims to reduce negative traffic phenomena by educating riders on road safety and security. The campaign reached 271 beneficiaries and impounded eight motorcycles, which led to a 25 per cent reduction in motorcycle injuries reported in 2021 compared to 2020.

Al Barsha Police Station also processed 71,463 transactions (including 69,688 smart transactions and 1,775 in-person requests) last year compared to 45,186 smart transactions and 5,183 in-person requests in 2020.

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Job satisfaction

Last year, Al Barsha Police Station launched a number of administrative initiatives for employees, which increased the job satisfaction index to 96.8 per cent compared to 95.9 per cent in 2020. The initiatives include the open-door policy, the ‘Communication and Compassion’ initiative, the ‘Distinguished Employee’ Award, and the Happiness initiative.

Al Barsha Police Station also implemented 65 suggestions in 2021 compared to 67 suggestions applied the year before.