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Dubai: A man who was detained in Dubai for consuming drugs had tried to smuggle drug-soaked paper hidden in his underwear to the central jail.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the defendant was caught earlier possessing liquid drugs consumed by e-cigarettes. He was transferred to Dubai Central jail and wardens foiled the defendant’s attempt to smuggle drugs.

He was searched before entering the central jail and was ordered to take off his clothes for an extensive search.

“The search happened on the gates. He was wearing his underwear and we were searching his clothes. He was confused and I suspected his behaviour. I gave him a towel to cover himself and asked him to take off his underwear for search,” said the policeman in official records.

Cut in underwear

The policeman noticed a strange design of sewing on the underwear.

“I felt something strange inside. I made a cut in the underwear and found three pieces of paper. I suspected it was drug-soaked paper,” the policeman added.

According to records, the search happened in front of three officers from the Anti-Narcotics Department in Dubai Police and the director of internal security in the central jail.

Lab confirmed that the papers were soaked with drugs.

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The defendant denied possessing and smuggling drugs and claimed that a policeman gave him the underwear and asked him to wear it in the search room of the central jail. However, Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with possessing drugs.

He was sentenced to three months in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance.