The interiors of Dubai Central Jail. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A Dubai inmate has been accused of physically assaulting a fellow inmate and fracturing his skull because the latter had prevented him from assaulting another inmate inside the correctional facility.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the incident happened in January last year at Dubai Central Jail. The victim had told the defendant to stop assaulting another prisoner, but the defendant decided to teach the victim a lesson for standing up to him. The defendant gathered a number of other inmates, armed themselves with an iron bar and waited for the man to be alone in his cell before attacking him.

“I was sitting on the bed when they entered the cell. I was struck on the head with a bar. Someone then hit me on the jaw. All of them then attacked me until I fell unconscious,” said the victim on record. “They have always been violent to other inmates and often intimidated them. They were like a gang and always caused problems.”

Six per cent permanent disability

Medical reports from Rashid Hospital confirmed that the victim had suffered a fractured skull. The injury left him with a constant headache and doctors estimated that he had suffered a six per cent permanent disability.

The defendant denied assaulting the victim, claiming that the others had assaulted him.

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Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the principal defendant with physical assault and causing disability to the victim. Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced the defendant to two years in jail.

The verdict is subject to appeal within 15 days.