ABU DHABI: Four Asians were arrested by the Abu Dhabi Police for robbing bank customers in broad daylight. 

Robbers were charged in two separate cases of robbery in past three days, the police said on Tuesday.

Brigadier Ahmed Saif Bin Zaytoun Al Muhairi, Director of the Capital Police Directorate of the police, said the city’s police station recently received two separate reports.

In the first case, an unknown person stole an envelope of Dh20,000 from the pocket of an Asian man, aged 64 years, while the second incident involved a 48-year-old Arab woman whose handbag was stolen from her vehicle.

Robbers tricked the woman by telling her that her car’s tyres are faulty. When she stepped out to inspect the tyres, they committed the crime, Brigadier Al Muhairi said.

The police rushed to both places immediately and chalked out plans to apprehend the perpetrators. Following the tracks and traces left by the criminals, the police arrested all of them, he said.  

The victims later identified the criminals who robbed them.

The case was referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

The police have warned the public several times through social media sites to be aware of such tricks of faulty tyres, said Lieutenant Saeed Bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, Director of the city police station in the Capital Police Directorate.

He urged the bank customers to be vigilant and report immediately to the police at 999 for presence of any such elements around there.

Criminals targeted mostly the bank customers and later divided the money among them, he said.

The police asked people to transfer funds carefully without being overlooked by the bank’s customers and the money shouldn’t be left in the car when it is stopped.

At the same time, women and elderly people are advised to accompany with others when they are doing big cash transactions at the bank.