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Dubai: A cabin crew supervisor was fired after two airhostesses allegedly photographed the man sleeping on the job.

The two airhostesses worked for a UAE national carrier and allegedly took photos of their Arab supervisor as he fell asleep, according to the Arabic daily Al Khaleej.

The incident took place during a flight from Abu Dhabi to South Africa.

Court documents showed that the cabin crew then disclosed the photos, which were captured on their mobile phone, to the airline’s Human Resource manager.

The supervisor was then fired for his poor performance.

Soon after, the Arab man decided to file a complaint against the Australian and South African air hostesses for taking photos without his consent, and for infringing his privacy.  

Throughout the trial, however, the defendants denied taking the photos.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance had initially handed the defendants with a sentence of six months in jail.

However, when the Abu Dhabi Appeal Court held a session last Sunday, the earlier ruling was still upheld.

But while the two women were still found guilty of breaching the Arab man's privacy, their sentences were reduced to suspended ones instead.