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Abu Dhabi; Police called on vehicle owners to benefit from the service of delivering and installing license plates for light and heavy vehicles and bicycles across the United Arab Emirates through the specialised delivery company.

This means there’s no need to return to the customer service and happiness centres to get new car plates.

How to request for service

The service request is submitted through the Abu Dhabi Police electronic service channels and the “Tamm” digital channels, then the service is selected and the fees are paid, after which the customer is contacted to determine the time and place of delivering the plates in a timely manner, while updating the data on the traffic system.

Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Breik Al-Amri, the Director of the Directorate of Drivers and Vehicles Licensing, emphasized the commitment to implementing the directives of the police leadership.

This commitment is part of ongoing efforts to enhance happiness and well-being for customers within a positive and happy society. These efforts align with the overarching strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police, which aims to deliver innovative and proactive services that elevate the overall quality of life.

Highlighting the sustained dedication of the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Directorate, Al-Amri underscored their role in addressing customer needs. This involves active participation in the development of smart services, staying abreast of contemporary technologies, and streamlining procedures.

These initiatives align with government directives and are in harmony with the National Strategy for Quality of Life and the rational strategy of the Abu Dhabi Government. The focus is on considering societal requirements, providing innovative services, and ensuring accessibility for all groups at their nearest service points.