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Dubai: You may have heard of traffic black points, which are placed on a driver's licence when he or she commits serious traffic violations, but have you ever heard of 'White Points'?

To address the issue of irresponsible driving, Dubai Police launched the White Points system in 2012 to reward responsible drivers, who do not incur any fines or commit any traffic violations. It is a way of appreciating and recognising motorists who obey traffic rules and regulations.

The White Points system is only operational in Dubai and is available for Dubai driving licence holders.

So, if you are a holder of a driving licence registered in Dubai, here is all you need to about White Points, from how to earn them and how to use them.

What are White Points?
According to the UAE’s official government portal – u.ae – in 2012, Dubai Police introduced the ‘White Points’ system to motivate those driving cars to abide by traffic laws and regulations. White Points are rewarded to drivers who have not committed a road violation and do not have any pending fines.

How do I earn White Points?

Earning White Points is a straightforward process, if you do not commit any traffic violations for a year. However, while it may seem easy to earn White Points, there may be violations that you may not be aware of. To know more about traffic violations that driver's may unknowingly commit, read our guide here.

To earn White Points, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

• Do not commit any traffic violations in Dubai or other Emirates.
• Do not incur Salik and parking fines.
• Do not face traffic prosecution cases for an entire year.

How many White Points can a driver earn?

White Points are accumulated at the end of the year, at the rate of two points per month. So, eligible drivers would gather 24 points in one calendar year.


How do I use the White Points?

If you have earned a black point, you can use the white points in exchange for it. However, it is important to note that if you incur more than 24 black points in a year, it will result in the suspension of your driver’s licence.

Here is how you can use your White Points during one calendar year:

• Exchanging traffic white points with traffic black points for a maximum of 12 points
• Cancelling the impoundment of the vehicle for a period of 30 days maximum
• Cancelling a traffic violation that is clear of black points or impoundment period
• Cancelling the payment for the extra impoundment period for 30 days maximum.

How do I check for White Points?

According to Dubai Police's hotline - 901 - unlike black points, which you can check on the Dubai Police app or through Dubai’s Road and Transport (RTA) app and website, you can only check how many White Points you have amassed after one year, by calling the non-emergency line – 901 – or visiting the Dubai Police Traffic Department.

If you want to enquire about White Points through 901, these are the steps to follow:

• Call 901
• Select your preferred language.
• For the main menu, dial 3.
• Then, you will be presented with the list of services available on the 901 hotline.
• For traffic services, dial 3
• To find out about White Points, you will have to speak to a customer service agent from Dubai Police, to do this, dial 0.

Traffic training courses on how to reduce black points

If you have racked up a few black points and do not have any White Points to exchange them with, you can also reduce them by enrolling in special traffic training classes offered by Dubai Police that teach drivers about cutting down their black points and why your black points are increasing. The course also teaches drivers how to earn white points.

To enroll in the classes, call 901 or visit the Dubai Police service portal here: https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/services/individualservicescontent/traffictrainingcoursesDetails