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A car’s accident history affects the value of the vehicle and is an important factor when purchasing a car. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: Buying a second-hand car requires meticulous research and background checks to ensure that the car you are buying is safe and reliable. Before you close the deal to buy a used car, you can check the vehicle’s accident history online.

A car’s accident history affects the value of the vehicle and is an important factor when purchasing a car. So whether you’re buying or selling your car, here is how you can find the accident history.

What is a chassis number?

To check the history, you need to know the chassis number, which is also called the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This is a unique 17 digit number that reveals the car’s manufacturer, where it came from, the engine details and the accident history.

Here are the different ways you can find your chassis number:
• The car’s chassis number is found on the back of the vehicle registration card (mulkiya).
• The dashboard - the number is printed on the driver's side.
• The side door.

chassis number
The chassis number is stated on the vehicle registration card. Image Credit: UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI) website -

How to check the car accident history

These are the three government sources where you can check the history online:
• Ministry of Interior (MOI)
• Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
• TAMM (Abu Dhabi Police)

1. Ministry of Interior (MOI)

• Visit this link from official MOI website and enter the chassis number.
• Next, check the captcha box and click ‘Submit’. The results will then be displayed. If there were accidents registered against the vehicle, the system will show the location, date, time and accident report number of the incident.

2. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

• Visit the official EVG website – and click on the ‘Traffic Accidents Management’ category on the homepage.
• Next, type in the chassis number and click ‘Search’. You will then be able to view the accident reports and details.

3. TAMM (Abu Dhabi Police)

• Visit the official TAMM website –, which is the official online portal for Abu Dhabi’s government services. Click on ‘Government Entities’ on the menu tab.
• Next, select ‘Abu Dhabi Police’ and in the search bar type ‘View Vehicle Accident History’.
• Click on the service and click ‘Start’.
• Login with your UAE Pass and enter chassis number. You will then be able to view past accident reports.

This article was originally published on February 23, 2022 and has been updated since.