Manual car
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Dubai: If you are planning to switch from an automatic to a manual licence, all you need to do is book a road test at a driving centre and pass it. Training lessons are not required to receive a manual driver’s licence in Dubai.

Whatever your reason may be to convert to a manual car, here is how you apply for the manual driver’s road test, through Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority’s (RTA) website –

RTA reminded their customers about the online service on their official social media accounts on February 16, 2022.

How to apply for a manual driver’s license online

It is important to note that to apply for this service you need to have a valid automatic vehicle driving licence and not a learning permit.

The following steps are:

1. First visit this link on the RTA website:

2. Then click on the ‘Driver’s License’ option and fill out the following information.

3. You will then have to fill out your Driver’s Licence details:

• Driving Licence Number.
• Driving Licence issue date.

4. Click next, and an OTP will be sent to the phone number registered with your driver’s licence.

5. After you have verified the OTP, you will then be presented with the option to convert your automatic licence to a manual one.

6. Then you will have to choose the driving institute and the date for the manual road test.

7. When your test date is booked, you will receive a call from the driving centre.

8. Now all you need to do is clear the test, and the driving centre will make the amendment to your driver’s licence from automatic to manual.

What happens if I fail the test?

According to RTA’s website, if you have failed the test, RTA will provide you with some tips to improve your manual driving, and you will have to re-apply for the road test.

How much is the cost of the road test?

The cost of the road test is approximately Dh300, but you will have to pay a service charge for taking the test in a driving institute.