How to deactivate your Salik tag
Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Whether you are new to the UAE or have lived here for years, you may still need some help setting up your Salik account, or finding the most convenient way to recharge it. So, here are all the basic details you need to know to set up and operate your Salik account.

What is Salik?

The Salik road toll system is operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). You can see the toll gates at some main highways and roads in the UAE. The toll system is aimed at regulating traffic and rerouting it to other alternative routes, especially during peak traffic hours.

You will be required to stick a new Salik tag on a car that you have purchased and then also activate the account to start using roads that have Salik gates.

How many Salik gates are there in Dubai?

190421 salik toll gate
A Salik toll gate. Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Salik toll gates in Dubai:

• Al Barsha

• Al Garhoud

• Al Maktoum (which is free from 10pm on Thursday to 6am on Saturday)

• Al Mamzar South

• Al Mamzar North

• Al Safa

• Airport Tunnel

• Jebel Ali

How much does a Salik trip cost?

If you pass from under a Salik gate, you will be charged Dh4.

Where can I purchase a Salik tag?

• Salik website –

• Petrol stations – Emarat, EPPCO, ENOC, ADNOC

Required documents

• Mobile number (to be used for all Salik related communication)

• Vehicle registration card details (not required through Partners and Service Providers / Gas Stations).

How much does a new Salik tag cost?

The total cost of a Salik tag purchased through the website is Dh120. This includes:

• Dh50 for the Salik tag.

• Dh50 for the prepaid toll balance added to your Salik account upon tag activation.

• Dh20 for delivery charges.

The total cost of a Salik tag purchased at one of Salik authorised dealers is Dh100. This includes:

• Dh50 for the Salik tag.

• Dh50 for the prepaid toll balance added to your Salik account upon tag activation.

How to activate your Salik tag

Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Through the website:

• If you want to apply for the Salik tag online, you will need to visit the following link:

• Enter your vehicle details, registered mobile number, email address and delivery location for the Salik tag.

• Confirm your registered mobile number, by providing the one-time password sent to your mobile.

• Make the payment through your credit or debit card.

• Confirm the details and payment.

After purchasing it from a petrol station:

If you are getting the Salik tag through a petrol station, simply make the payment to purchase the Salik tag.

Activate the tag by calling 800 SALIK (800 72545) and entering the Salik tag number and setting a pin number.

Create an RTA account
To complete most of your RTA services online, it is recommended that you create an account with the RTA’s website. Here is how you can do it:
• Visit
• Click on Login on the top right of the window, and click on ‘Create an account’.
• Click on ‘Register Individual user’.
• Provide your personal details like your full name, nationality, email address and mobile number.
• You will receive a one-time password to confirm your contact details.
• Set a password and complete your registration.
• Once you have created an RTA account, you can add relevant details to it, like your Traffic File number and vehicles registered under your name.

UAE: What is a Traffic Code or T.C. number and where can you find it?

How to recharge your Salik account

Once your Salik balance has been completely used up, you will be sent an SMS alerting you to recharge your account. There are various ways in which you can do so:

Dubai Drive app

1. Log in to the Dubai Drive app – When you download the app, you will be asked to log in using either your RTA ID or your UAE Pass.

2. Once you have entered your account, the app will allow you to access your RTA related services. Select Salik from your dashboard.

3. Select recharge. The app will ask you to connect a credit or debit card with the account to process the payment.

4. Enter the amount for which you wish to recharge your Salik account.

Salik website

1. Visit

2. Sign in using your Salik account or RTA account.

3. On your dashboard, select ‘Recharge’.

4. Select online payment, if you wish to pay using a card.

5. Enter the amount you wish to recharge the account for.

6. Enter your credit card details.

7. Confirm payment.


1. Download the DubaiNow app

2. Log in using your UAE Pass

3. Tap on ‘Driving’ and then select ‘Salik’.

4. Enter your Salik account number. The vehicle/vehicles registered under your name will be displayed.

5. Select the account and the amount for which you wish to recharge your account.

6. Confirm the card details and confirm the payment.

Salik Recharge cards

Several registered outlets also sell Salik Recharge cards, which you can use to recharge your Salik account. Simply log on to or call 800 SALIK, provide the Salik account number and the recharge card number, to top up the account.

Online banking

Several banks also provide online banking options to recharge your Salik account. These include:


Dubai Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Commercial Bank of Dubai


First Abu Dhabi Bank

Mashreq Bank


Sharjah Islamic Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Al Hilal Bank

Ajman Bank

United Arab Bank

Noor Bank

National Bank of Umm Al-Qaiwain

These are all the steps you need to keep in mind when driving a car and using Salik toll gates. If you are wondering what you should do about your Salik tag when you plan to sell your car, read our detailed guide here