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Dubai: Dubai is going paperless. Are you on board?

The Dubai Government's vision to make Dubai the happiest city in the world by 2021 is well underway and one of the key projects that is making the life of residents easier is DubaiNow.

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What is DubaiNow?

The Dubai government aims to go completely paperless by 2021. DubaiNow is a big part of the paperless strategy, which seeks to transform Dubai Government into a fully digital government.

The app, which is available on all Android and Apple devices, provides instant digital access to over 88 government services, all in one place.

In October 2019, hailing the progress of the paperless strategy, His Highness Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Dubai, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, said: “I have overseen the progress of the Dubai Paperless Strategy over the past two years and have now directed all government entities to work with Smart Dubai and ensure all digital government consumer services are delivered via DubaiNow, gradually eliminating all individual entity applications.

The DubaiNow app is expected to gradually eliminate all individual apps of Dubai Government entities.

"Dubai citizens and residents have been able to transact over Dh4 billion worth of transactions on the DubaiNow app so far.

Dh 4 b

the value of transactions that have been completed through the DubaiNow app so far

“I am proud of the accomplishments of my team who have successfully delivered on their challenge of transforming Dubai Government to become paperless. The inter-government cooperation between Smart Dubai and 15 partnering entities to provide government services digitally is testament to Dubai’s firm belief in what a city can achieve in less than two years with to strong collaborations.

In line with the Dubai Paperless Strategy, after 2021, government entities will no longer issue or request paper documents from customers for any transaction, while government employees will also stop issuing or processing paper in key or supporting internal operations.

What services can I use DubaiNow for?

One of the great things about the DubaiNow app is that it can replace a lot of others apps you might have on your phone. Whether you want to pay your traffic fines, or top-up your Salik account, you don't need separate apps anymore.

Another extremely helpful way in which you can use DubaiNow is by finding resources near you - short on cash? Find the nearest ATM. Running low on fuel? The app will tell you which the closest petrol station is. In cases of emergency, you don't need to struggle with remember the ambulance or fire department number. They are all listed on the app.

Here is a breakdown of all the services available to Dubai residents.

Paying your bills

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Whether it is your electricity bill or a traffic fine, you can pay them all! Here is a list of all the payments you can make through the app:

  1. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) bill
  2. Nol card
  3. Salik
  4. Traffic fines
  5. Etisalat
  6. Du
  7. Dubai municipality
  8. Dubai Custom
  9. Enoc
  10. Federal Electricity and Water Authority
  11. Empower


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While this category is not one of the first you will see in the app, it has one of the longest list of options and would probably be of most use to people who are always on the go.

The list of services include the following:

1. MyCar – this option provides all the details related to your car as well as driving licence, like any overdue fines.

2. mParking – don’t know which zone you are parked in? Don’t worry! You can simply select the mParking option and the app will give you all the nearest public parking spaces at the exact distance from you, along with options of how long you want to park.

3. Traffic fines – find out the details of all the traffic violations your car has on file.

4. Accident notification

5. Salik Recharge

6. Change vehicle ownership – to use this option, you need a valid UAE Pass. To get a UAE Pass, you need to visit any of the UAE Pass kiosks around the UAE. A detailed list can be found here:

7. Car listings - Looking for a used car? This is another place where you can find potential sellers. Simply select the car of your choice and if you like the pictures, click ‘contact’.

8. Fuel locator - This is a great service to use if you are running on low fuel and can’t seem to find the closest petrol station. For this service, you will need to allow the app to access your location settings.

9. Street speed limits – a handy guide of all the streets and the permitted top speed, in alphabetical order.

10. Tasjeel centres – Find the nearest centre if you need to get your vehicle tested or registration renewed or transferred.

11. Enoc – if you need to reach an Enoc petrol pump specifically, this option gives you all the stations on an interactive map.

12. Enoc VIP topup – if you are registered as a VIP customer at Enoc, you can top up your account through this option.

13. Car Insurance – Verified UAE Pass holders can renew their car insurance using this option.

14. EV locations – drive an electric car? DubaiNow has options for you too! Find the closes recharge station along with details of how many charging areas the station has.

Public transport

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Now you don’t need to worry about where you are and which is the nearest metro or bus station. Simply open the app and choose the public transport option. You will be able to top up your Nol card, open a Metro map, which identifies where you are on the Metro route map, making it easier for you to find metro stations nearby. You simply need to allow the app to access your location settings.

There is even a journey planner which let’s you find the best way to reach from one point to the other using Dubai’s public transport. There are also quick links to your frequently visited locations like office or home, with the option to add more.

Not up for taking the bus? Simply select ‘Call a taxi’ and the app will make the call for you. Make sure you allow the app to access your phone app.

Safety and law

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There is a ‘security and justice’ tab, which not only provides the emergency numbers to call the ambulance service, the fire department, Dubai police or Dewa, but also lists the police stations near you.

You can even follow up on any court case you might be pursuing, by providing the serial number and other details of the case.


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Track your child’s vaccination appointments using the ‘Vaccination plan’ option.

You can also find the closest clinic, doctor or specialist near you by selecting the ‘Doctor and Clinic’ option.

Residency visas

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One of the newest services to be added to DubaiNow, you can now check your visa status, manage your residency or get a new residence visa, if you have a UAE Pass or DubaiID.


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Find out the prayer times for each day along with the closest mosque to you using the options available.


The education section offers several services including:

1. Sign your Parent-school contract – parents who have their students in private schools in Dubai need to sign a parent-school contract, which lays down all the details of the agreement between the parent and the school. To access this service, users need to provide their Emirates ID number.

2. Academic history – Access the academic history of your child at a quick glance by providing your Emirates ID. The academic history of the children linked to the ID number will then be provided.

3. Schools – Which school is best for your child? Find the right school based on the curriculum, location, annual fees, rating and the grade in which your child is studying.

4. Universities – similar to the school search, this options lets you find the best options for higher education in Dubai based on the level of study, specialization, quality assurance, location and annual fee range.

5. Training institutes – if you are looking to enhance your skill set, whether in computer skills or child development, find the institutes that are offering courses that you can consider.

Business and Employment

This section allows business owners and traders to use the following services

  1. Trade activity search
  2. Trade licences
  3. Reserve a trade name
  4. Business directory
  5. Ejari

Users need to have a UAE Pass or Dubai ID to access the services in the 'Business and Employment' category.

Home services

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There are several home sevices offered to uses including:

  1. Home maintenance services like AC cleaning, house cleaning, painting and booking a mover.
  2. Property listings
  3. Rental agreement – this service requires a UAE Pass.
  4. Home subscriptions – UAE Pass required
  5. Real estate brokers – find registered brokers and offices in your area.
  6. Property projects – check ou the projects that are registered under Dubai Land Department.
  7. Service Fees index – How much should you be paying? Find out the index, based on locations and communities.
  8. Rent a Home – UAE Pass required
  9. My Properties – UAE Pass required
  10. Loan calculator – a handy calculator on how much loan you can apply for based on your salary and net income. The calculator breaks down all the costs you will incur and the monthly installments you will need to pay.
  11. Application status for your application with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Est.
  12. Request maintenance – MBR Housing Est tenants can also make a service request using the app.
  13. Property transactions – a roundup of all the daily and monthly property transactions conducted by the Dubai Land Department.
  14. Dewa consumption – find out how much electricity and water you are using through your Dewa account.
  15. Ejari – UAE Pass needed
  16. Utility Services – UAE Pass needed


You can donate to various Dubai Government initiatives like Dubai Cares, Al Jalila Foundation, Noor Dubai, Dar Al Ber Society, Suqia, the Year of Tolerance or to Awqaf Dubai.

Flight information

All the information you need on flights to and from the Dubai International Airport.

Other services include

  1. Social service support through the Community Development Authority,
  2. Dubai Calendar - A list of the events planned in the city
  3. ATMs – find the nearest one to you
  4. Weather updates
  5. Empost rate calculator and