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Vijay knocks it out of the park in 'Leo: Blood Sweet', out in UAE cinemas now

South Indian actor Vijay’s latest Tamil-language action drama ‘Leo: Bloody Sweet’ has smashed the UAE box office with over a 300,000 admissions in the first four days of its release.

According to the box office collection numbers from the local distributor Phars Films, Vijay’s film ‘Leo’—a South Indian remake of the Hollywood film ‘A History Of Violence’—has enjoyed a thunderous opening with 300,109 admissions since its release on October 19. 

“Vijay’s film is high on content and has seen an impressive box office opening in this region. It’s high on content, and it’s not very often we see Indian remakes being loved and embraced like this... I saw a similar phenomenon when the film ‘Memento’ was remade into Hindi as ‘Ghajini’,” said Ahmad Golchin, founder and chairman of Phars Film Group, in an interview with Gulf News.

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Vijay and Trisha Krishnan in 'Leo: Bloody Sweet', out in UAE cinemas now

While ‘Leo’ has enjoyed a stupendous opening, it’s followed by Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon,’ which clocked 24,367 admissions over its three-day opening weekend.

“‘Leo’ is high on action, stunts, and drama and has blockbuster written all over it. ‘The Killers Of The Flower Moon’ is also a very good film, but not every movie will see an opening like ‘Leo’,” he added.

Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, this action drama, which released globally on October 19, is based on David Cronenberg’s 2005 film and has a raft of talented actors, including Sanjay Dutt, Trisha Krishnan, Arjun Sarja, and Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Reviews have described this Vijay-starrer as a formulaic and entertaining Indian remake of a Hollywood hit that’s high on action and bloody fistfights. The movie chronicles a docile coffee shop owner (Vijay) who is forced to protect his family from a paranoid drug dealer who believes Vijay is an ex-gangster.

This film has Kanagaraj’s familiar stamps, including high-octane stunt sequences, thumping music, and loud drama. This director is best known for his blockbusters, including ‘Kaithi’ and ‘Vikram.’ According to Variety, the characters from these two films make an appearance in ‘Leo.’

With the bullish box office success of ‘Leo,’ Vijay tops his hit catalogue filled with movies like ‘Beast’ and ‘Varisu’.

'Leo: Bloody Sweet' is also emerging as a global box-office hit with over $31.2 million collections. 

‘Leo: Bloody Sweet’ is out in UAE cinemas now.