Entry-level jobs are defined as those calling for no more than three years of experience Image Credit: Pexels / Emily Ranquist

Washington: Those graduating this spring are entering the job market at a weird time: the US unemployment rate is at a 50-year low at the same time that waves of layoffs, hiring freezes and recession warnings continue to break.

Gen Z is looking for stability and many new grads, fearing economic uncertainty, are broadening their search as they try to land their first job.

For those still navigating the job hunt as graduation approaches, Indeed analysed entry-level roles listed on its platform paying an average salary of more than $40,000 to identify those that are seeing the strongest demand across the US.


These results are ranked in two lists: one for jobs with a college degree requirement and one for jobs without. Entry-level jobs are defined as those calling for no more than three years of experience, and demand was measured by assessing the growth in the share of postings for each role from September to February compared with the same period the year prior.

Some of these positions may not be the exciting"- the top three for college grads are sales representative, transportation coordinator and quality auditor "- but many offer a solid starting salary and the professional experience necessary to kickstart a career.

Top 25 jobs for college grads: These roles pay at least $40,000 on average and are seeing strong growth

Note: Indeed identified the jobs on this list based on year-over-year growth in share of postings (September 2021-February 2022 compared to September 2022-February 2023), an average yearly salary above $40,000 and required work experience between 0-3 years as included in the job description. Image Credit: Source: Indeed via Bloomberg