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HUB 71 has emerged as a magnet for startups. Now, it takes that engagement further with 'The Outliers'. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Abu Dhabi's tech cluster Hub71 is launching a partners challenge where startups get a chance to help corporates solve business and operational challenges. Winners will get a chance to pitch their startup and raise funds.

‘The Outliers’ series will be open to entities from all over, and will “foster new opportunities for startups worldwide to work alongside and support Abu Dhabi’s leading corporations and government agencies,” said Hub71. It also aims to build a “solid pipeline of high-quality startups” to consider doing business and relocating to Abu Dhabi.

Hub71 is kickstarting the programme by embarking on a four-month roadshow across the emirate to create opportunities for collaboration with leading Abu Dhabi corporates, particularly assets under Mubadala Investment Company and ADQ, as well as local and federal government agencies that govern national priority sectors and industries.

“Global tech startups can contribute to the innovation blueprint of Abu Dhabi by applying solutions to challenges that shift the status quo and influence the future direction of our economy and talent pool,” said Hanan Al Yafei, CEO of Hub71.

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Teaming up

Hub71 is working with Etihad Airways, Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Thales, Mastercard, ADCB and Mashreq Bank, to attract startups and founders. Corporates and government partners will select the best startups and tech enterprises to help them. Meanwhile, participating startups will benefit from opportunities as they get to access a “ripe” marketplace.

The challenges are aimed at later-stage startups that have proven products and will be engaged with developing proof of concepts (POCs) that have strong potential to commercialize and go-to-market. Each winning startup will have the opportunity to participate in a ‘Demo Day’, raise funding and have faster access to Hub71’s Incentive Program.