Oversized shades are back, along with other great styles that give you a chance to show off your vibrant personality. Image Credit: Unsplash/Tamara Bellis

Whether winter or summer, bright, sunny days are the norm in the UAE. So, there’s no better place to own and enjoy several pairs of stylish sunglasses. These wardrobe essentials are seeing their classic shapes and colours reimagined, this summer, and there are plenty of options for everyone.

This year’s sunglasses trends are all geared toward having fun. Gone are the TikTok-fuelled narrow lenses and wraparound frames, which were last year’s biggest looks. Now, it’s all about oversized frames, acetate styles and pops of colour.

But if you’re not ready to try something new and unusual, you’ll still find something you love in the new ‘quiet luxury’ trend, which was debuted by American socialite and fashion designer Sofia Richie (daughter of singer Lionel Richie) following her recent wedding.

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1. Mirrored sunglasses

Every year, there’s some sort of homage to the future, in the design of sunglasses. In 2023, it’s all about reflective lenses. Shades of all forms and sizes lend themselves to this trend really well, since it has more to do with the treatment of the lenses than the shape of the sunglasses. So, no matter what style you love best, make it mirrored and you’re on point!

Our unisex pick is Dior’s DiorReflected sunglasses, which feature an eye-catching azure mirror in a rose-gold khaki frame. For women who are looking for something a little more subtle, Ray-Ban’s round pilot lenses sit in black frames, and are treated with a unique, polarised violet mirror coating. Men can embrace a classic square shape with Brooks Brothers’ chic white sunglasses, featuring blue mirrored lenses.

2. Acetate sunglasses

From Miu Miu to Loewe to Burberry, everyone’s investing in acetate frames in 2023. Although it has a similar feel to plastic, cellulose acetate is a hypoallergenic, plant-based plastic that’s known for being strong, lightweight and durable. Acetate sunglasses hit the mark in terms of both sustainability and style, so this is definitely a trend that’s here to stay.

Burberry’s round Havana sunglasses perfectly complement women with square- or heart-shaped faces. They’re oversized, come with two-year international warranty, and a beautiful branded box. What’s not to love? Another classic for women, Marc Jacobs’ rectangular sunglasses offer a full rim in a trendy purple gradient. Men will love Carrera’s oversized square sunglasses, crafted from sleek black acetate and trimmed with red for a sporty, stylish edge.

3. Angular cat-eye sunglasses

Women have been rocking cat-eye sunglasses since the late 1920s, since it’s a style that’s impeccably cool and suits all sorts of face shapes. While vintage-inspired frames are still going strong, more angular shapes have been giving this retro look an update this year. From big and boxy cat-eye shades to sharp and skinny ones, there are lots to choose from.

Tiffany & Co.’s sunglasses mark off two trends simultaneously – cat-eye frames that are made with acetate. An intricate T metal overlay adds to its profile, adding a distinctive, creative touch. Looking for even sharper angles? Fendi brings a uniquely feline quality to its composite frames, by adding triangular folds at the corners of its beautiful grey-gold sunglasses. Another acetate pair, 30Sundays’ full-rim shades embrace the vintage style, but make sure you’re still in 2023, with a trendy oversized, boxy look.

4. Oversized sunglasses

Most people love nothing more than a giant pair of sunnies. Well, this is your year to shine. Oversized frames took a backseat recently, as smaller, 1990s-inspired styles had their moment in the sun. But they’re now back, and they’re bigger and better than ever before. Whether it’s an old Hollywood vibe you’re going for, or something more current, you’ll find a pair you’ll love, with this trend.

With an irregular shape and the iconic symbol of the medusa on the sides, Versace’s oversized sunglasses for women are big, bold, and hard to ignore. They’re well-suited to a range of face shapes, and come in an elegant gift box. Our budget option, The Fresh’s Jackie O frames, seem like they’ve been picked right from the 1960s, with flattering lines and a retro-cool vibe. We chose the colour black to stay true to its classic origins, but you can pick from a whopping 28 colours. For men, Carrera’s oversized aviator sunglasses hold a timeless, sporty appeal.

5. Colour pop sunglasses

It’s time to let your sunglasses reflect your personality – this is the season to embrace bold, colourful styles and playful silhouettes. Barbiecore pink, for instance, has been reigning in 2023, with top fashion houses embracing hot-pink everything. It’s no different for eyewear; pink frames in whimsical styles are at the forefront of trends this summer. Could it be the colour you’re looking for?

When British designer Loewe launched its inflated sunglasses last year, it set a trend in both men and women’s eyewear that’s still making waves, this side of 2023. You can’t help but smile when wearing these chunky, glossy frames. We picked three playful, candy colours from Long Keeper that you can swap based on your wardrobe choice for the day. Alternatively, embrace the Barbiecore trend with Versace’s fuschia rectangle sunglasses (it comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty). But if you’re looking for something in a more classic style or colour, check out Coach’s acetate frames that shimmer in an elegant burgundy-pink gradient.

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