If you've been spotting mould in the bathroom and on the walls around the house, a dehumidifier can help. Image Credit: Shutterstock

When the air at home begins to feel stuffy and hair frizzier than usual, the offender is most likely humidity. Moisture levels in the air can make or break our thermal comfort – too little humidity and our skin, hair and throat dry out; too much of it, and we’re sitting in a muggy indoor climate. This is why we benefit from humidifiers in the dry winter months.

Things change in the summer, however. High humidity, combined with climbing temperatures, makes you feel hotter than it really is. It also creates ideal conditions for bacteria, pests, mould and mildew to thrive in. Think about the vulnerable areas in your home that are usually damp – the bathroom, kitchen and their adjacent walls. According to the US-based American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standard, levels higher than 60 per cent encourage bacterial growth.

With a dehumidifier around, you can drain the air of excess water vapour and protect your home from moisture damage. Plus, if you dry your laundry indoors, having a dehumidifier nearby will speed up the process.

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We’ve picked out the best dehumidifiers you can shop for, on Amazon, based on portability, features and capacity. Get some of them at a discount, right now. Don’t forget to subscribe to Prime for quick and free delivery.

1. Best Overall: Frigidaire Dehumidifier 30L


  • Large tank capacity
  • Customisable humidity levels
  • 24-hour timer function
  • Shuts off when the bucket is full
  • Easy portability on castor wheels


  • Slightly noisy
  • Not Energy Star-certified

Let’s start off with a high-capacity dehumidifier, so that you’re not left emptying the bucket throughout the day. Collect up to 30 litres of moisture every day with this Frigidaire appliance. You can wheel the dehumidifier from room to room and walk out worry-free with its auto shut-off function. All you have to do is select your desired humidity level and fan speed from the control panel, after which the 12-litre water bucket will fill itself. You also have the option of continuous drainage using a hose (not included). Reviews mention drops of 10 to 15 per cent in moisture levels, but do report that at 57 decibels, the unit can be difficult to sleep with.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent instalments and pay Dh87.42 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

2. Best for Small Rooms: Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier


  • Set target desired humidity level
  • Compact design
  • Small tank capacity makes draining water easier
  • Auto shut-off when tank is full


  • Can be loud for light sleepers

Pro Breeze's 12-litre appliance is best considered for bathrooms, the laundry room or any other small space prone to condensation. It can extract up to 12 litres of water per day into its 1.8-litre tank. Working quietly at 40 decibels, the unit uses intelligent sensors to control humidity with the touch of a button. It even dries your wash load faster with a built-in timer. Like our Frigidaire pick, this dehumidifier shuts off automatically once the water tank reaches full capacity. The appliance comes with a hose for continuous drainage and wheels for easy transfer. Reviewers have used this to prevent mould when they're off travelling. They say that they no longer smell a musty odour and feel the excess moisture in the apartment.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent instalments and pay Dh46.58 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh35 and two years for Dh49.

3. Best Value: Simsen Dehumidifier


  • Shuts down once humidity level or water capacity is reached
  • Includes night lights
  • Quiet at 35 decibels
  • Features an ionizer
  • Light indicator when water tank is full


  • Tank compartment is hard to remove

The upgraded Simsen dehumidifier looks great, and doesn't dominate the room, despite having a solid 2.8-litre water capacity. Thanks to its red and blue light indicators, you'll know when the tank is full - but there's no need for urgent action, since the machine shuts off automatically when this happens. The appliance can remove a litre of moisture from the air, in a room measuring 74 square metres. What stands out about this model is the filter and ionizer it features, for refreshing and purifying the air. You can switch off the lights completely at night, so it doesn't disturb you. But, according to the reviews, the removable tank can be difficult to detach.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh29 and two years for Dh41.

4. Best Budget: Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier 


  • Compact design and lightweight build
  • Extracts up to 250ml per day
  • Shuts off when tank is full
  • Silent at less than 30 decibels in sleep mode


  • Cannot set desired humidity level
  • Only covers about 20 square feet

An affordable option worth looking into is this compact Pro Breeze unit, for small spaces. In a day, you can remove up to 250ml of water, which means it can cover a 20-metre-square space easily. Though you can't set your desired humidity level, its one-button function makes extraction a snappy job. And, once the tank is full, the unit turns off on its own. Its sound levels are as quiet as a whisper, peaking at 30 decibels in sleep mode. Not only is it efficient at extraction but it also looks great in any home or office, compact enough to sit on tabletops and side tables. Reviewers have taken it to small spaces, like their kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom, saying that it's easy to carry and leaves the rooms smelling fresh.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh12 and two years for Dh17.

5. Best Value: Crownline Dehumidifier


  • Large capacity for extraction
  • Shuts down once humidity level or water capacity is reached
  • Multiple features – laundry mode, timer, child lock and more
  • Target set a humidity level


  • Might be loud for some

Here's another 20-litre unit to consider, by Crownline, which also carries a 5.5-litre tank. It has a neat display panel, featuring a timer, child lock, laundry mode, fan speed controls and target level setting. A built-in humidity sensor constantly reads the ambient moisture and displays a percentage, making it easier for you to set the desired level. Similar to the Pro Breeze model, the unit shuts down once the target moisture is reached to help save on bills. Reviewers report back on drier laundry and effective humidity extraction down to 50 per cent.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent instalments and pay Dh56.75 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a minimum one-year warranty. Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh40 and two years for Dh57.

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