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A family being rescued from a vehicle.

Dubai: Two young men have saved a family from the brink of drowning in Wadi Lajab, amidst the heavy floods following torrential rain in the Jazan region, specifically in Al Reith Governorate of Saudi Arabia.

The pair, Hassan Jaber Al Salami and Abdullah Yahya Al Salami, ventured into the floodwaters, securing the family’s safety to a higher ground until help arrived from local citizens and civil defence teams.

The family’s vehicle was also retrieved.

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A separate incident in Al Baha region was captured on video, showing a vehicle being swept away by the strong currents during Sunday’s heavy rainfall.

The footage elicited shock from onlookers, with the videographer lamenting, “The car is gone, Oh My God.”

The floods caused significant infrastructure damage, including the toppling of electricity poles into the waters.

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The adverse weather conditions led to the closure of several roads in Al Baha area.

As the Civil Defence continues to monitor the situation across the Kingdom, they have issued warnings urging the public to steer clear of valleys and floodwaters, emphasizing the importance of safety and adherence to official guidelines.

Meanwhile, the National Center of Meteorology forecast rainy conditions to persist until Saturday.