A picture from the video clip. Image Credit: Twitter.

Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s public prosecution has said it is conducting two investigations into purported physical abuses and preserving public money from felony at a provincial orphanage after video clips went viral on social media allegedly showing women in the place being viciously attacked.

A public prosecution source was quoted by the Saudi news agency SPA as saying that the cybercrime prosecution has embarked on investigating the content of the circulating clips.

According to the same source, prosecution had earlier opened a probe into an incident of harming public money at the orphanage, officially known as the Social Education Institution in Khamis Mushait in south-western Saudi Arabia.

The source did not give details, tersely saying the case is still being investigated.

The source stressed illegality of “harming arrested persons physically or morally” and humiliating them.

Alleged videos whose veracity could not be verified went viral online showing baton-wielding men attacking girls in the presence of security personnel purportedly inside an orphanage in Khamis Mushait. The clips provoked online outrage and calls for action from authorities against the wrongdoers.

Authorities in Assir in south-western Saudi Arabia said Wednesday that regarding videos and images circulated on social media about an alleged incident inside a social education facility in Khamis Mushait governorate, Assir Governor Prince Turki bin Talal ordered a committee be formed to investigate the incident and all parties involved.

It was not clear when the incident took place or the cause of the violence.