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Riyadh skyline. Expatriate workforce constitutes a majority with 8.72 million employees in the private sector. Image Credit: AFP file

Dubai: For the first time in Saudi Arabia, the private sector workforce has surged to a record-breaking number, with the total count of employees topping 11.054 million in January, the National Labor Observatory (NLO) has said.

The milestone includes a significant contribution from Saudi nationals, with 2.327 million citizens employed in the private sector during January. The breakdown reveals a gender distribution among Saudi employees, with approximately 1.375 million males and 952,400 females making up the workforce.

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The report further highlights the expatriate workforce, which constitutes a majority with 8.72 million employees in the private sector, including 8.386 million men. A notable aspect of the report is the net growth in employment for Saudi citizens, with 32,447 joining the private sector for the first time in January.

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Several factors have contributed to this unprecedented growth, including initiatives by the human resources and social development system, increased job creation and the flourishing of the private sector, along with economic reforms and government support measures.

The National Labour Observatory, established by royal decree in 2010, plays a pivotal role in monitoring and analyzing labor market trends. Its monthly publication, “Overview of the Saudi Labour Market in the Private Sector,” offers insights into the latest employment statistics and figures, reinforcing its position as the primary and most reliable source of labor market data in the Kingdom.