The badly damaged car. Image Credit: Al Watan

Cairo: Two pregnant schoolteachers were killed after their vehicle had a collision on a road linking the regions of Assir and Najran in south-west Saudi Arabia, a Saudi newspaper has reported.

Four others were injured in the mishap that occurred Tuesday when the female teachers were returning from their school, Al Watan added.

One of the dead teachers was pregnant in her ninth month while the other was in her sixth month, according to the paper.

A spokesman for the Red Crescent in Najran told the paper that medics had found on the scene two deaths, three people with medium injuries and the fourth slightly injured. They were transported to a local hospital.

Images from the site showed an overturned car that was badly damaged as a result of the collision.

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear. The new school year in Saudi Arabia began late last month.