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Dubai: More than 114 Filipino maids have left Kuwait in less than four days following the brutal killing of 35-year-old Filipino domestic worker, local media reported.

The tragic incident has prompted the Philippine government to suspend the accreditation of Kuwait’s foreign recruitment agencies.

The Ministry of Migrant Labour in the Philippines announced that Kuwaiti recruitment offices will be added to the blacklist and will prevent Filipino workers from being sent to Kuwait.

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The 35-year-old Filipina housemaid was allegedly murdered by a teenager after being sexually assaulted. The victim’s body was discovered on Salmi road, burned and with a smashed head.

The Ministry of Interior immediately launched an investigation upon receiving reports of the discovery and solved the case within 24 hours. The 17-year-old Kuwaiti suspect was accused of raping and killing the housemaid, burning her body and leaving it on the side of the road in the Salmi area.

The suspect confessed to the crime and the autopsy showed that the victim was pregnant, with samples matching the suspect. The victim was reported as absconding by her sponsor.

Legal measures have been taken against the young man, who allegedly admitted to committing the crime, according to the Kuwaiti Public Prosecution.

The body has been returned to the Philippines after the Kuwaiti government allowed the release and shipment.

The victim, who was married with four children, had arrived in Kuwait in July 2022 and worked as a household service worker for a family in Jahra. The death certificate from the Kuwait Ministry of Health, Forensic Department, stated that she suffered fractures to the skull, face, lower jaw and brain laceration, and death was attributed to the injuries.