The smugglers have skillfully hidden drugs in the entrails and skin of live sheep. Illustrative image. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwaiti law enforcement uncovered narcotics concealed in live sheep in a recent operation.

The contraband, arriving from Iran via Doha Port, was ingeniously hidden, marking a new level of complexity in smuggling methods.

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Acting on a tip off about a suspicious sheep shipment, a security team headed by Major General Hamid Al Dawas, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Criminal Security Affairs, and Brigadier General Mohammad Qabazard, Director of Combating Control, was tasked with monitoring the consignment closely. Upon its arrival at Doha Port, the live sheep were traced to individuals tied to a criminal network involving three Asian nationals.

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The operation culminated in the Kabd area, where it was discovered that the smugglers had skillfully hidden drugs within the entrails and skin of the live animals.

The seizure included 5 kilos of crystal meth, a kilo of hashish, and 20,000 narcotic pills, all intricately concealed to avoid detection.

The apprehended suspects and the confiscated drugs have been handed over to the authorities for further legal action.