Manama: Four Syrian brothers are facing murder charges after they allegedly admitted that they had killed their teenaged sister after they were ordered to do so by their father, a newspaper in Kuwait reported on Sunday.

Authorities also detained the 19-year-old victim’s father who reportedly incited the “honour” killing.

The Al Watan daily report said the police in Jahra called the victim’s father and asked him to take his daughter home. The victim was initially reported missing prompting the police to conduct a search.

As they were going home, the father and his sons allegedly beat her up and strangled the victim inside the car. They then buried her in the Salmi desert area.

The girl’s mother, who was anxiously waiting, was shocked when the suspects came home without her daughter. Unable to get satisfactory answers from them, she called the police who told her that her daughter had left the police station along with her father.

Intrigued by the mother’s questions, the police summoned the father to ask him about his daughter.

He, however, claimed that she had eloped again.

The investigators pressed on the four brothers and broadened their probe and they eventually learned about the killing, the daily said.

The victim’s body was exhumed on Friday.

Thousands of women have been killed by their male relatives each year in the name of family honour or crimes of passion or dowry deaths.