Gulzar Hussain
Gulzar Hussain Image Credit: Twitter

Despite losing both his legs, and an arm, in a bomb blast in 1999, Gulzar Hussain, teaches at a local school in the city of Parachinar, Pakistan, helping children in tribal areas.

While living with a disability, not only did the 28-year-old complete his education, but, he also became a trained educationist to help children from rural areas of Pakistan.

Reportedly, Hussain, a resident of Luqmankhel in the Upper Kurram tribal district of Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), lost one of his arms and both legs in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast when he was a child.

However, despite the disability, he never lost hope.

He received his early education by going to his school on a donkey’s back, and eventually got a master’s degree in Islamic Studies, and a Primary Teachers Certificate (PTC).

He now teaches underprivileged children of his native village in a local government primary school, on a minimum salary.

Appreciating his determination, social media users praised the teacher.

Tweep @aima_kh wrote: “The bombings in 1999 took Gulzar Hussain's legs but could not take away his determination and courage. He teaches children in a government school in district [of] Parachinar. Gulzar Hussain Sahib is the bright face of our society.”

Twitter user @pawan_meghwar posted: “Not all real heroes wear capes. There are many unsung heroes all around us who have done some act of courage like respected Gulzar Hussain.”