A groom had to hitch a ride on the back of a tractor to attend his wedding at a flooded Devkuli village in Bihar. Image Credit: Supplied

Patna: A groom in Bihar resorted to using a tractor to attend his wedding at the bride’s village which had been submerged by floodwaters.

The bizarre incident took place at Devkuli village under Mahammadpur police station in Gopalganj district on Wednesday.


The wedding of Sher Ali, a resident of Hamidpur village, had been fixed with the daughter of Alim Miya from Hamidpur village in the same district some time back and was scheduled to be solemnised on Wednesday.

Just ahead of the wedding, however, an embankment of the mighty Gandak river which flows by the side breached which flooded some 200 villages in the area, including that of the bride’s village.

The groom’s side talked to the bride’s family and asked them to defer the date of the wedding but the latter didn’t agree.

Left with no alternative, the groom eventually hired a tractor and rode in the trolley in the company of a few friends to accommodate the flooded roads and reach the bride’s home.

Carried to the roof

But as he reached the venue, he was surprised to find his bride’s home was also submerged in floodwater and he hesitated in coming off the trolley.

Eventually, the bride’s relatives carried him to the rooftop of the building and it was then that the wedding could be solemnised. After the wedding was over, the newlyweds got into the trolley and rode home together.

“It was a memorable event which we would never forget in our whole lifetime,” the groom told the media.

Half of the state currently remains submerged in floodwaters with the hapless villagers battling for survival. According to a report of Bihar disaster management department, floods have affected the 6.90 million population settled across 16 districts of Bihar, destroying standing crops, damaging homes and killing 21 villagers so far.