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The skies, waters and terrains of Dubai beckon enthusiasts of all interests Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Whether it is on the land, in the sky or in water, diverse #DubaiDestinations have been top picks in the ultimate bucket lists of global travellers and UAE residents this winter.

Shaima Al Suwaidi, director of Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), told Gulf News: “The latest #DubaiDestinations winter campaign has evoked significant interest from audiences across the world and encouraged both residents and global travellers to discover the diverse attractions and experiences that make Dubai a unique winter destination.”

The ongoing season of the #DubaiDestinations campaign invites the local and global community to savour Dubai’s diverse winter attractions across land, sky and water.

Featuring engaging content from diverse stakeholders, the campaign tells the story of Dubai’s emergence as one of the world’s best winter destinations.

Adventure, exploration and fishing in the waters off Dubai for #DubaiDestinations
Adventure, exploration and fishing in the waters off Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Strong participation

“Since its launch in the second week of December 2022, the collaborative storytelling campaign has seen strong participation from the local creative media community with a large number of content creators contributing to the campaign,” Al Suwaidi revealed.

The initiative, which seeks to capture Dubai’s spirit as a global destination by sharing a variety of stories, had also seen the launch of a new website of Dubai Destinations during this season.

Comprehensive content, videos and guides related to the campaign have been shared on the website, making it a one-stop-shop to know details about the amazing adventure, entertainment, food, art, culture, sports and fitness experiences and more on offer in Dubai this season.

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There is a wide selection of activities to do in, around and over Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

The initiative has been showcasing the covetable culture, fascinating food, pristine beaches, stunning mountain landscapes, unique modern lifestyle, exciting adventures, centuries-old heritage and futuristic cityscapes that Dubai offers. The guides covered must-try winter activities, outdoor sports activities, camping journeys, winter pop-ups, outdoor dining options and other attractions.

With Hatta region being a key focus of the campaign, the region’s picturesque mountain scenery, archaeological sites and other tourist attractions such as the Hatta Fort, the Hatta Dam, the Hatta Heritage Village and the Hatta Hill Park have been prominently featured.

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Substantial engagement

“The extensive content featured in the campaign has also attracted substantial engagement on social media and encouraged a large number of people to share their experiences of Dubai’s unique destinations, hidden gems and exciting activities,” said Al Suwaidi.

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Dubai has it all - green pastures, endless sands and rugged terrain Image Credit: Supplied

She said the campaign is expected to see continued high engagement from local, regional and global audiences throughout the rest of the winter season.

A global study released last year had named Dubai the “world’s best winter-sun destination”. According to The Winter Sun Index issued by travel package provider ParkSleepFly, Dubai has been tagged on Instagram more than 111 million times and has the most winter-related ‘things to do’ Google searches in the world, reaching 55,000. Another study by Remote, a global talent consultancy, had ranked Dubai the second-best winter destination for digital nomads.