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Dubai Garden Glow Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: The amazing and alluring lights are back – adding glimmer to life in the city – as Dubai Garden Glow opened its doors for its 6th Season on Tuesday.

This year’s theme is ‘Back to Nature’ and people of all ages are sure to find a spot where he/she can enjoy Dubai Garden Glow’s latest attractions. It is home to various thematic recreational areas, including the Alluring Glow Park, Biggest Dinosaurs Park, Spectacular Art Park and Miraculous Magic Park.

Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, CEO of Falak Holding, said: “Dubai Garden Glow always captures a bigger share of your memories, allowing your soul to get soaked into the theme of beauty of this environment-friendly creative world as it gives an affirmation that the uniqueness of Dubai Garden Glow will further help to position Dubai as a top tourist destination of the world.”

Over at Glow Park, soft hues interlace with dominant colour palettes to create a bright and beautiful world of artistic installations. Developed around the theme of Back to Nature, more than 500 light installations were impressively created to liven up the park.

Prehistoric creatures

At Dinosaur Park, pre-historic giant creatures come back to life in dazzling display of lights. Visitors will see ancient reptiles such as Placerias and Dimetrodon and learn the evolution of dinosaurs from the middle Triassic era (about 230 million years ago) and the Jurassic period, to their extinction in the late Cretaceous era (66 million years ago).

Dubai Garden Glow said in a statement: “Dinosaur Park has always been our top draw for curious children and adults alike. We take visitors back through a journey, from the dawn of the dinosaurs. There are also ‘End of Era’ installations demonstrating how the dinosaurs became extinct and installations of more than 100 prehistoric creatures that move and roar. Dinosaur Park is not about instant gratification alone, it also whets your curiosity to explore the life and times of these magnificent creatures.”

Magical lights

The world of imagination will continue to run wild at the Magic Park, which is also a treasure trove of fascinating photo opportunities, where geometric forms create hypnotic optical effects. Visitors will surely have enough photos to post on social media as they create scenes where they stand next to world’s tallest building or run away from King Kong at Burj Al Arab, or escape a ferocious dinosaur attack.

Colours of life

The Art Park is also back. Created using recycled materials around the theme of Back to Nature, Art Park, is an attempt to drive home the message of conservation, according to Dubai Garden Glow management.

“Art Park is surrounded by wildlife installations made of used materials such as bottles, CDs and porcelain cups and plates. The Eco-friendly Art Park seamlessly stiches the different notes of happiness, cultural values, beliefs and identity – fused together to create an overall paradise of all colours of life,” Dubai Garden Glow added.

Health and safety tips

While offering amazing entertainment, Dubai Garden Glow has also adopted safety guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention, in accordance with the guidelines set by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Dubai Garden Glow told Gulf News: “Safety of our guests and employees is our primary focus. In addition to our existing health and safety protocols we have further enhanced our procedures. In case of a medical emergency, the park will implement a set of standard protocols adherent to WHO, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality and other government authorities.”

Here are the safety guidelines that have been put in place at the park:

Temperature checks prior to entry

Mandatory use of face masks

Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures

Social distancing is mandatory

Use of hand sanitisers

Contactless payment

Adjusted operations and entertainment timings

Timings and entry fee

Dubai Garden Glow is located at Gate 6 of Zabeel Park and is open from 5pm to 11pm daily. The Entry fee is Dh65 (inclusive of VAT). More details can be found on its website.