Hail in the UAE on Wednesday
Hail in Madinat Al Riyad, Abu Dhabi on Wednesday Image Credit: @storm_ae/Instagram

Dubai: Heavy rain hit many parts of the UAE on Wednesday. As temperatures dropped across the country, hail covered some parts of the country. According to the Met office, heavy rainfall was reported in Abu Dhabi and moderate rainfall was seen in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

The National Center of Meteorology recorded hail in Madinat Al Riyad in Abu Dhabi and Qatah in Sharjah.

The NCM issued orange and yellow weather alerts indicating rainy clouds across all of UAE. On Wednesday, rains are expected at various intervals till 11:30pm, the NCM added. 

Speaking to Gulf News for a previous report, an NCM official explained the weather situation in the UAE this week: "The country will be under the effect of a surface low pressure system extension from the southwest with an extension of an upper air trough from the north, along with cold and humid air mass flowing in from the west in the upper air."

"On Wednesday and Thursday, the weather will be unstable, with thick clouds, rain, thunder, and lightning," the official added. Heavy to moderate rainfall is expected across the UAE, including Dubai and Sharjah, on these days. He added that precipitation will be higher on Thursday. 

Temperatures across the country will fall by five to seven degrees Celsius on Thursday. The NCM official added: "For example, if the maximum temperature recorded today is 26°C, on January 26, it is expected to be around 21°C."

Due to the drop in temperatures, there is a chance of hail in some internal areas, he added.

He also confirmed that cloud seeding operations will be conducted throughout the week to maximise rainfall in the country.

The official warned that strong winds might hit the country at times, with a wind speed of up to 55km/hr, in areas where the clouds are formed. The sea will become rough in the Arabian Gulf and Oman sea, he added.

The NCM also issued a safety alert for motorists driving in the rain. "Precautions should be taken during heavy rainfall and strong winds from clouds associated with microbursts over scattered areas causing a reduction in horizontal visibility," the alert read. 

By Friday, the weather will stabilise gradually, the NCM official confirmed.