A file photo of the Tarif-Sweihan highway Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As the relative humidity is expected to hit up to 85 per cent in some areas, thick fog formed in parts of the UAE.

The National Center of Meteorology issued warnings in the early hours of the day for drivers, especially in Abu Dhabi due to mist and fog formation, particularly in the areas: Madinat Zayed, Sweihan and Abu al Abyad.

The weather bureau advised drivers to be extremely careful or avoid driving until the fog clears up.

Such conditions are expected to return later tonight and early morning on Saturday as humidity is expected to be high.

As for the rest of the day today, the skies will be generally clear to partly cloudy.

Throughout the day, winds are expected repeatedly blow, at a speed of 18-28 km/h, reaching up to 38 km/h at times.

Winds are expected to blow dust and sand into the air over some areas in the UAE. If you have allergies, take necessary precautions.

The maximum recorded temperatures are expected to range from 37- 44°C, whereas the minimum are expected to be between 27 – 32 °C throughout the emirates.

The conditions at the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea are expected to be moderately calm.

Similar weather conditions are expected to continue until the end of the weekend.