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It's raining in some parts of the UAE. According to the National Center of Meteorology, heavy to moderate rainfall was reported in most parts of Fujairah and some surrounding areas. Light rainfall was also reported in some interior parts of 

Light rainfall was also reported in some internal parts of Sharjah, close to Fujairah. 

According to the NCM, convective clouds formed over Fujairah on Monday. The NCM usually monitors convective clouds and dispatches cloud seeding flights to enhance rain over the country.

Heavy rains also resulted in flooding in some valleys in the emirate.

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The highest temperature recorded over the country today was 49.1°C in Al Shawamekh (Abu Dhabi) at 3pm.

Humidity is expected to increase at night, with relative humidity reaching 85-90 per cent in the internal parts of the country today.

Low clouds are expected to appear again in the eastern coast of the country tomorrow, while hot weather will continue, the NCM added.