UAE Rain
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) urged caution on the roads as parts of the UAE were hit by heavy rain Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: As UAE experienced heavy rains on Friday morning, Dubai Police have advised motorists to take appropriate steps if their vehicles are damaged due to rain.

Police emphasised the importance of documenting any damage through photos or videos before heading to the nearest police station to file a comprehensive report to claim insurance.

The advisory comes in the wake of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms that have affected parts of the UAE.

Reports of early morning showers and heavy downpours have been widespread, with several areas in Dubai like Dubai Investments Park, Al Barsha, and Business Bay experiencing significant rainfall.

Motorists are advised to follow Dubai Police’s detailed safety instructions, such as reducing speed, maintaining a safe distance from the road’s edge, using low-beam headlights for better visibility, and ensuring windshields and brakes are in optimal condition.

The forecast for the upcoming days indicates a continuation of partly cloudy skies with chances of more rainfall.

Over the weekend, the weather is expected to be humid by night and early morning across coastal and internal areas, with light to moderate winds that may pick up with cloud activity, leading to blowing dust and sand.

The seas in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea are anticipated to be moderate, with roughness at times during cloud activity.

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Looking ahead to the start of next week, the weather is predicted to remain fair to partly cloudy with potential rainfall by afternoon, especially eastward and over the mountains. Motorists are advised to exercise caution due to the likelihood of fog in internal areas and the continued risk of reduced visibility on roads.