Video grab of a vehicle swept away in a flooded Fujairah valley on Friday morning. Image Credit: Fujairah Police/Social media

Fujairah: Fujairah Police havse clarified that no human loss has been reported in the vehicle swept away in flooded Fujairah valley.

A video capturing a vehicle being swept away in a flooded Fujairah valley went viral across social media platforms, prompting a response from the local authorities.

The Fujairah Police have confirmed that the incident did not result in any casualties. The driver of the vehicle has been called for legal proceedings. Authorities have also urged public not to share such distressing footage online.

Hefty fines

The Ministry of Interior announced last May that drivers entering flooded valleys will be face severe penalties including Dh2,000 fine, 23 traffic points, and a 60-day vehicle impoundment. Gathering near valleys, floods, and dams during rainy weather is also punishable by Dh1,000 fine and six traffic points.

Motorists are advised to follow safety instructions, such as reducing speed, maintaining a safe distance from the road’s edge, using low-beam headlights for better visibility, and ensuring windshields and brakes are in optimal condition.

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The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology forecasts a mix of partly cloudy to cloudy skies today, with occasional convective cloud formations that may bring rainfall across various regions. Temperatures are expected to drop, and humidity is likely to increase during the night and into Saturday morning, particularly over coastal and inland areas.

Winds will range from light to moderate in intensity but may grow stronger at times, especially when accompanied by clouds, which could lead to dust and sandstorms that reduce visibility. Marine conditions are projected to be moderate in general but may become rough during cloudy periods in the Arabian Gulf and will remain slight to moderate in the Oman Sea.

The forecast for the upcoming days indicates a continuation of partly cloudy skies with chances of convective clouds and rainfall. Over the weekend, the weather is expected to be humid by night and early morning across coastal and internal areas, with light to moderate winds that may pick up with cloud activity, leading to blowing dust and sand. The seas in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea are anticipated to be moderate, with roughness at times during cloud activity.