Still from promo of Abwab, which will starting screening in January Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: A crime drama produced by Abu Dhabi Police will start airing on its social media channels this month to raise community awareness on various threats such as drugs and domestic abuse, among others.

The 10-episode series, titled ‘Abwab’, features actors from the UAE and other Arab countries. The drama, available in Arabic, English, and Urdu, will narrate how police combat crime. It will also be shown on the free-to-air Emirati TV channel Baynounah.

General Ahmed Masoud Al Mazroui, Director, Community Security Sector, Abu Dhabi Police, said the series is line with the efforts of Abu Dhabi to sustain the sense of security and security in the emirate through innovation means of communicating with the public.

Dr Hamoud Saeed Al-Afari, Director of the Community Police Department, emphasised the keenness of Abu Dhabi Police in keeping up with developments in awareness to reach the largest segment of the public by employing advanced technologies and using innovative means.

The series is produced by the departments of community police and security media, with the participation of several other police departments including the Directorate of Investigations, Criminal Investigation, Traffic and Patrol, Drug Control, Q7, Security Information Administration, Security Inspection K9, and others.