AD accident
Screengrab of a video released by the Abu Dhabi Police highlighting the dangers of sudden stop by vehicles on the highways. Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police has once again urged motorists to avoid making sudden stops on the road as the practice can result in serious traffic accidents.

In a video clip released by the Abu Dhabi Police, a sudden stop by a van leads to a multi-vehicle collision. The white van comes to a stop on the middle lane, and three vehicles following it narrowly miss colliding with it. A while later, a sedan swerves to avoid the stopped van but still ends up crashing into it. The sedan spins out of control and hits a large bus, and its front can be seen wrecked. Meanwhile, the van that made the sudden stop also spins to hit a silver four-wheeler that is unable to move out of the way. Another sedan also gets caught in the wreckage.

Unplanned stops

Instead of making sudden stops, motorists must head to the nearest exit if they need to make an unplanned stop, the Police has said. In emergency situations, vehicles can also attempt to stop safely on the hard shoulders of the road.

Drivers must also remain fully attentive so that they can try and avoid any collisions on the road.

Your Comment initiative

The video clip was released by the Police as part of it’s Your Comment safety initiative, which aims to demonstrate the real-life risks of various driving behaviours. The Police also uses the campaign to encourage a healthy discussion on correct road etiquettes.