Major General Pilot Sheikh Ahmed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chief of National Service and Reserve Authority. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Launched in partnership by the Government Development and the Future Office and the National Service and Reserve Authority in June, “Hama” received a great response from top public sector entities, national and international companies, and academic institutions which partnered to support this new model of national service. “Hama” is the first of its kind initiative that focuses on developing a new generation of skills and enhancing the readiness of female recruits.

“Hama” arms national service recruits with critical future skills in the digital, occupational, creative, and personal domains. Recruits will be given opportunities to refine their skills in problem-solving and communication that are needed to pursue careers in entrepreneurship, design, innovation, customer service, and project management.

New paradigm in national service

Major General Pilot Sheikh Ahmed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chief of National Service and Reserve Authority, stressed that “Hama” represents a new and exciting paradigm for national service in the UAE by empowering female soldiers with skills needed for a successful career at the conclusion of their service.

Sheikh Ahmed said that National Service and Reserve Authority is proud of the success of this new initiative and its positive impacts on Emirati female recruits and hopes it will increase the number of Emirati women willing to volunteer for national service. The National and Reserve Service Authority will work in partnership with the Government Development and the Future Office to expand the scope of “Hama” and continue its efforts with future female service recruits to provide Emirati women with specialised skills, an objective closely aligned with the goals of national service.

Sheikh Ahmed praised Hama’s partners in the private and academic sectors for their response to empower female soldiers and develop their future skills. He further applauded the partners’ keenness for providing high-quality opportunities for Emirati female military recruits.

Reinforcing partnerships

Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and the Future, stressed the importance of establishing strong partnerships between entities and corporations in the public, private and academic sectors to equip female national service recruits with the skills needed to shape the success of the UAE in various domains in the future.

Ohood Al Roumi said that the notable response to “Hama” reflects the importance of such a programme in motivating national talent and preparing them for the future. The partners’ awareness of Emirati youth and their potential as national service recruits proves their crucial role in leading the change and building a future in which the UAE aims to reach the highest ranks globally.

The minister thanked the partners of “Hama” for their commitment to support female national service recruits by enhancing their skills and readiness for the future and providing them with self-development opportunities. Al Roumi also noted that the private sector and academic institutions have a pivotal role in developing an ecosystem that fosters and motivates talent. The investment in their minds and energy enables them to grow, develop, and participate in designing the future, she added.

Heads of several government and private entities hailed the Hama programme and pledged their commitment to support it.