NAT 200101 Baby Joseph with Father Romeo Sheha 2 Bareen International Hospital-1577871330091
Baby Joseph born at Bareen International Hospital in Abu Dhabi with father Romeo Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The ushering in of a new year and with it a fresh decade came with an added reason to celebrate for some as proud parents also welcomed new life after the stroke of midnight.

The fireworks had barely started when Syrian parents Romeo Sheha, 31 and his wife Sally Hanna Habib, 28, struck a claim to the first baby born in the UAE this year when their son Joseph - born at Bareen International Hospital Abu Dhabi - entered the world via caesarian section bang on midnight weighing in at just over 3,170-kg.

“Mother and baby are doing great and resting,” said proud father Romeo. “We are delighted that our son Joseph was the first baby to be born in 2020 – I am sure he will be excited about the honour too.

“We are thankful to the doctors and nurses of Bareen International Hospital for ensuring the safe delivery of our baby boy – this is the best New Year’s gift,” he added.

NAT 010120 Yosef-Aster DM Healthcare-1577871322023
Baby Yousuf at Aster's Medcare Hospital, Sharjah, born at 20 seconds past midnight Image Credit: Supplied

This delivery was closely followed by the birth of baby Yousef born at 20 seconds past midnight to Emirati parents Manar Matar and Salem Ahmad at Medcare Hospital Sharjah, weighing in at 3.135-kg.

200101 Baby Hind Saif Al Jabri Burjeel Hospital Welcomes 2020 with the birth of 3 Emirati babies-1577871315598
Baby Hind born at Burjeel Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi also welcomed baby Hind at 12.01am, shortly before the New Year’s first twins Al Hanof and Tahnoon were born at 12.30am at the same hospital.

Hind’s father Saif Abdul Al Jabri, said, “The arrival of Baby Hind on the first day of the New Year is truly special and it indeed doubled our joy.”

Emirati parents of the twins Amal Saleh Ali Saeed Al Jaberi and Mohammad Jassim Ahmad Al Hosni were also ecstatic.

Another 12.01am delivery was made at Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah when Halima Hassan Al Shamsi and Waleed Jumaa Al Muhairi delivered baby Hassan by caesarian section. Baby Mohammad was also born at 12.01am at Thumbay Hospital Fujairah weighing 2.36-kg to parents Mohammad Shahzad Saleem and Shumaila Bibi, who had been planning to watch the fireworks in Ras Al Khaimah instead.

NAT 200101 Khizer Ali Waqas-1577871339000
Baby Khizer with family at Prime Hospital, Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Meanwhile, at Prime Hospital, Dubai, baby Khizer was born by normal delivery at 12.22am weighing 2.925-kg to proud parents Rabbab Maqsood and Waqas Naeem, who are originally from Pakistan.

“It was a massive blessing for the year 2020,” said dad Waqas. “Being a father for the first time I am just speechless. It was an amazing moment when I took him in my arms, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Thanks to Almighty Allah and my whole family and friends but special thanks to my wife who alone bore all the pain.”

Elsewhere, at Thumbay Hospital in Ajman baby Ribina was born by normal delivery at 12.28am weighing 3.45-kg to Indian parents Ribina Bhaskaran Painhare and Chintu Bhaskaran.

NAT 200101 Baby Khalifa with his parents RAK Hospital-1577871332221
Baby Khalifa with parents at RAK Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

In Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, baby Khalifa was born at 12.03am weighing 3.5-kg, delighting his Emirati parents Salem Mubarak and Salma Esmail Mubarak.

Dad Salem said, “I chose to call him Khalifa after our president, and for us this baby, like our other sons is a blessing, Al Hamdulillah [thanks God]. I don’t know how to express my happiness, but there’s no denying that we have begun the New Year with a very happy feeling.”

Baby Hamda was born to Emirati parents Ahmad Abdul Raheem and Nawal Hassan Saleh at 12.17am weighing 2.515-kg at Medcare Woman and Children’s Hospital, Dubai.

While baby Faisal was born in NMC Al Ain at 3.13am weighing 3.07-kg to proud Emirati parents Sara Mohammad Al Kaabi and Ahmad Salem Al Kaabi.

NMC Al Ain said they were expecting 5-6 deliveries on New Year’s Day with close to 18 across the entire hospital group, meaning the joy will just keep on coming.