UAE volunteers during the training in Singapore Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: In a step towards enhancing emergency response capabilities, SANID, the UAE’s volunteer emergency response programme, recently concluded a significant visit to Singapore. This initiative was conducted in collaboration with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), marking a new milestone under the SANID International Knowledge Exchange Programme.

SCDF has a network of 6,000 volunteers Image Credit: Supplied

Mohammed Al Hosani, Director of Programmes at Emirates Foundation, said: “Our volunteers embarked on a transformative journey to Singapore, enriching their skills and understanding of contemporary emergency response strategies. This international collaboration is paramount in a world where knowledge exchange is critical to staying ahead of emergencies.”

The eight-day visit encapsulated a series of workshops and training sessions focused on emergency preparedness, community drills, and exercises. Additionally, it provided a platform for networking and data exchange, enhancing the skill set of the SANID volunteers.

Community-centric response

One of the highlights of the visit was the participation of SANID volunteers in Singapore’s Community Resilience Day. This event, aimed at raising public awareness about emergency readiness, gave the volunteers an in-depth understanding of community-centric emergency response strategies.

Al Hosani further emphasised the broader vision of the trip, stating: “Our partnership with Singapore goes beyond skill enhancement. It represents our commitment to global safety and resilience. By fortifying our capabilities, we are not only elevating our national preparedness but also contributing to the global emergency response framework.”

The collaboration with SCDF, an agency significantly reliant on its vast network of over 6,000 volunteers, provided a unique perspective for the SANID team. The visit served as a robust model for incentivising and motivating volunteers, fostering strong international relationships in the realm of emergency response.