Major General Pilot Ahmad Mohammed bin Thani, Assistant Commandant for Ports Affairs, heads a meeting to review last year’s statistics of Dubai Police Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Police’s rapid response times and use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have been recently inspected by Major General Pilot Ahmad Mohammed bin Thani, Assistant Commandant for Ports Affairs.

Bin Thani reviewed last year’s statistics where Dubai Police security patrols reached emergency sites in 2 minutes and 32 seconds, surpassing their goal of 3 minutes. Emergency calls to 999 had a response rate of 99.7 per cent within 10 seconds, outdoing the target of 97 per cent, with a total of 7.4 million calls.

AI-enabled tech

Bin Thani also examined the latest AI advancements, including the ‘Virtual Operations Room’ smart goggles, a virtual reality application used to train staff by displaying various control room screens, including incident management systems, Dubai maps, and connected cameras.

Additionally, Bin Thani was briefed on the handheld wireless operations toolkit, which consolidates vital software for incident reporting, patrol surveillance, and seamless communication with the operations room. He also inspected the mobile operations vehicle, tailored for external event coverage and embedded with specialised applications and equipment.

Intellectual properties

Furthermore, Bin Thani was briefed about innovative projects within the General Department of Operations, which has acquired 22 intellectual properties (IP). This includes an advanced course in operating drones and a programme for assessing call centres.

Bin Thani listened to an explanation about the initiatives and projects that the Department completed last year. These included the Drone Systems Centre project, the Smart Alert Reporting initiative, the ‘Joker’ initiative, and the Women’s Empowerment Team.


Bin Thani also reviewed the achievements of the General Operations Department from the past year. Among these were obtaining the first accreditation for the use of drones beyond the line of sight from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, pioneering the Drone Box project, being recognised as the best-supporting entity for innovation in the Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Awards, and being the best entity in strategic objective in the Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Awards. The Department also extended its membership in the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) and pioneered the E-call service as a third-party service in the country.