Golden Pension Scheme UAE
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Abu Dhabi: The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) announced that pensions for eligible Emirati individuals will be disbursed on the 27th of each month.

January 27 will be the first date of disbursement, the national pension authority added.

In May and June however, the date of disbursement has been set for the 25th of the month.

An estimated Dh680 million of pension payments will be disbursed this month, representing an increase of more than Dh72 million compared to January last year.

The GPSSA has a total of 45,951 pensioners and beneficiaries registered as of January 2023. The number of beneficiaries has increased by 3,607 individuals compared to December 2022.

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The GPSSA said that announcing the dates for disbursing pensions supports its registered members in managing their financial plans during the year, including living expenses, payments due, and travel and vacation plans.

Future announcements regarding the disbursement dates will be made on the authority’s online and social media platforms.