The sonorium at Tulah Wellness Clinic

Tulah Clinical Wellness shares COP28 UAE’s visionary pursuit of a world grounded in sustainable practices. As a clinical, luxury wellness sanctuary, Tulah integrates cutting-edge modern medicine with timeless wisdom to harmonise the mind, body and soul. Its mission extends beyond individual well-being to encompass a holistic balance—within oneself, its esteemed guests and the environment. Within the Tulah ecosystem, a commitment to net zero impact prevails, emphasising energy efficiency and sustainability practices driven by innovative technologies.

This deliberate approach not only addresses the urgent concerns of climate change but also contributes to the creation of a more resilient and sustainable future for all. “I believe that sustainable practices are not just a responsibility but a transformative journey towards holistic wellbeing,” says Faizal Kottikollon, Founder of Tulah Clinical Wellness.

Faizal Kottikollon

“Tulah’s commitment to green infrastructure, clean energy, water conservation and organic farm to table reflects our unwavering dedication to creating a sanctuary that not only nurtures the mind, body and soul but also harmonises with the environment. In building Tulah, we aspire to redefine wellness, offering a haven where health, sustainability and community thrive in unison.” Sustainable infrastructure Dedicated to advancing green initiatives, Tulah prioritises the integration of energy-efficient technologies and systems in its infrastructure.

This encompasses the use of high-performing insulation in wall and roof assemblies, double glazing systems with lower solar heat gains, energy-saving lighting design and controls, a radiant cooling system and smart building management systems. With a focus on achieving a LEED v4 and WELL V2 platinum rating, Tulah aims for over 30 per cent energy savings. Additionally, a 700 kWp rooftop solar system is meticulously designed to achieve net zero energy, minimising the carbon footprint.

The commitment extends to the use of sustainable and recycled materials with low embodied carbon, employing eco-friendly construction methods to reduce waste generation significantly.

Clean and renewable energy Incorporating radiant cooling practices is a testament to Tulah’s dedication to sustainability and creating a comfortable environment for its guests. The integration of radiant panels into the facility’s design enhances energy efficiency, reducing reliance on conventional air conditioning systems.

The circulation of chilled water through these panels absorbs excess heat, ensuring a consistent and pleasant cooling effect. This innovative approach not only aligns with Tulah’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices but also prioritises natural air quality, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Water conservation Tulah is committed to responsible water management through a comprehensive approach to water conservation.

Achieving 100 per cent treatment and reuse of site wastewater, the implementation of an Engineered Aquifer Recharge System saves over 40 per cent of potable water. Rainwater harvesting systems and waterefficient landscaping techniques further reduce water consumption. Artificial recharging of rainwater contributes to improving groundwater levels, reflecting Tulah’s dedication to sustainable water practices.

Organic farming Organic farming is a cornerstone of its project. With a goal to provide health-focused nutrition, on-site farming empowers occupants to cultivate their own food, promoting an active and sustainable lifestyle. This initiative underscores Tulah’s commitment to fostering a healthier community. Life at Tulah is artfully shaped by the Tulah Project, embodying a harmonious fusion of biophilic design principles. Indoor spaces seamlessly integrate nature through features like indoor plants, green walls and captivating views, promoting tranquility. Its lighting design prioritises well-being, utilising natural lighting and optimal levels to enhance comfort and productivity.

The Tulah Project encourages an active lifestyle with accessible staircases, fitness facilities, walking paths and sustainable transportation options. To ensure serenity, acoustic comfort is achieved through sound insulation measures and designated quiet areas. By incorporating these sustainability initiatives, Tulah Clinical Wellness strives to create a new, healthier and more environmentally responsible way of living.