School bus
Radars have been installed on school buses in Abu Dhabi to catch motorists who fail to stop when the 'stop sign' is raised. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Radars have been installed on schools buses to catch motorists who fail to stop when the ‘stop sign’ of the bus is raised.

A Dh1,000 fine and 10 black traffic points will be imposed on motorists in Abu Dhabi who fail to stop, with five metres’ distance, for school buses that have raised the vehicle’s stop sign, the Abu Dhabi Police warned on Monday.

The sign is raised when a bus makes a stop in order to allow students to board the vehicle or disembark from it, and it is designed to ensure students’ safety.

Radars monitor compliance

In order to ensure compliance with the regulation, the Abu Dhabi Police, in coordination with the emirate’s public transport regulator — the Integrated Transport Centre — has now installed and activated radars on school buses. The radars will provide for automatic monitoring of motorists’ compliance. A video released by the Police on its social media channels shows the radar affixed on a school bus close to the Stop sign, and its range of monitoring.

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The Abu Dhabi Police reminded motorists that when a school bus raises its Stop sign, vehicles within five metres of it must make a complete stop, regardless of the direction from which it is approaching the bus.

Bus driver penalties

School bus drivers must also be careful and ensure children’s safety, and a Dh500 fine will be imposed, along with six black traffic points, on drivers who fail to raise the Stop sign during a stop.