Stock Sharjah skyline residential
The Sharjah skyline. The addition of seven new private schools in Sharjah will further increase options for schooling in the emirate. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Sharjah: Sharjah Private Education Authority (Spea) announced the opening of seven new private schools in the emirate during the current academic year, with varying capacities and a variety of new curricula, including the Australian curriculum, which represents a qualitative addition to the academic system and knowledge outputs in the emirate.

The new schools include Darb Al Saada Private School, Victoria International Private School, Mantina American Private School, Al Madina International Private School, Sidra Private School, Gulf American Private School and Choueifat Sabis International Private School.

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Dr Muhadditha Al Hashimi, the chairman of Spea, welcomed the new schools to the emirate’s educational system due to the stimulating and encouraging environment for launching educational projects, which contributes towards increasing and diversifying academic opportunities for students.