At the end of the training, the participants will earn diplomas from SMTC in different areas of specialisation in the media field. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: With the aim of equipping university and college graduates for jobs in the media field, the Sharjah Media Training Centre (SMTC), affiliated to Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, has launched the second edition of its ‘I Can’ initiative that will run until December 30. The training is open to all graduates who are registered with the Human Resources Department of the Government of Sharjah,

The initiative includes training in six specialisations in the media field, with the participation of several male and female job-seekers who will receive, at the end of the training, a diploma in different areas of specialisation in the media field from SMTC.

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Commenting on this, Hussain Shaheen, director of SMTC said that the centre aims, through this initiative, to provide graduates looking for work in the media field with adequate knowledge and skill sets.