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Abu Dhabi Police have urged motorist to adhere to speed limits. Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have ramped up efforts to curb speeding violations across the emirate, placing a strong focus on driver safety.

The police highlighted eight specific speeding violations, each with corresponding fines and traffic points.

Speeding fines

  • Exceeding by less than 20km/h: Dh300 fine
  • 20-30 km/h over the limit: Dh600 fine

  • 30-40 km/h over: Dh700 fine

  • 40-50 km/h over: Dh1,000 fine

  • 50-60 km/h over: Dh1,500 fine & 6 traffic points
  • More than 60km/h over: Dh2,000 fine & 12 traffic points

  • Exceeding by more than 80km/h: Dh3,000 fine & 23 traffic points

Fines for slow driving

Falling below the minimum speed limit also comes with a Dh400 penalty. Since May 1, minimum speed limits are actively monitored on Sheikh Mohamded bin Rashid Road. Failing to maintain a minimum speed of 120km/h on designated lanes results in a Dh400 fine.

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Safety first approach

The police campaign emphasises safe driving practices, including:

  • Maintaining appropriate speeds
  • Avoiding distractions behind the wheel
  • Keeping a safe distance between vehicles
  • Signalling lane changes only after checking surroundings

Technology for Traffic Safety

Abu Dhabi Police leverage advanced technology, including radars, to monitor traffic flow and enforce regulations, promoting a safer driving environment.

Summer tyre safety reminder

As summer sets in, proper tyre pressure becomes essential. Drivers are advised to inspect their tyres for damage and ensure their validity for safe driving conditions.