Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists to avoid tailgating and reckless driving behaviour. Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: A Dh5,400 penalty, and four traffic black points, will be imposed for tailgating other vehicles on Abu Dhabi emirate roads, the Abu Dhabi Police has warned.

The violation is one of the main causes behind traffic accidents in the emirate, and the vehicle will therefore also be impounded under the traffic law.

The police have issued the warning as part of its ‘Journey to Safety’ awareness campaign, which aims to enhance road safety. A video clip shared by the police through its social media platforms shows two separate instances of tailgating on the left-most lane.

Hazardous behaviours

The police added that motorists often engage in the practice to induce others ahead of them to clear the path. While doing so, many motorists also adopt other hazardous driving behaviours that can be seen as harassment, such as honking repeatedly or flashing full beam headlights in a distracting manner.

The penalty for tailgating is detailed in Law No. 5 of 2020 regarding vehicle impoundment, which stipulates a Dh400 fine and four traffic black points for violators. In addition, the vehicle is also impounded, and the owner must pay a Dh5,000 fee within three months to release it.

For the safety of all road users, the police also urged slow-moving vehicles to drive on the rightmost lanes. A Dh400 fine is applicable if a vehicle fails to give way to vehicles approaching from behind, or from the overtaking lane on the left.