Syed and Kim represent a driven team of front-line staff at InstaShop who prioritise the needs of their valued customers at all times Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/Gulf News; Location: Al Maya Supermarket

Syed, a Pakistani driver, has been with InstaShop for three years. “These days I’ve been delivering about 40 orders a day, from supermarkets, pet shops, butcheries and pharmacies.” On his motorbike, he says, an average customer delivery takes 15 minutes.

He has had fond experiences with many – the regulars know his name and often offer water. “I remember that one delivery during Ramadan right after iftar, he offered me dates. It was a truly thoughtful gesture.”

The past few months have been the busiest we have experienced as a company and our teams are working around the clock towards a seamless delivery service. The drivers and pickers of our network have stepped up as heroes for the local community through these tough times, safely serving all InstaShop users. From the customer service team to the front-line staff like Kim and Syed, thank you for your dedication and support, because of you we are able to perform such an essential service when it’s most needed.

- John Tsioris, CEO & Founder of InstaShop

For Kim, an InstaShop picker from the Philippines, the app’s growth during the Covid-19 lockdown has kept him busy, at large chains as well as baqalas, or small groceries. On a daily basis, he probably picks up nearly 1,000 products.

“Users tend to place bigger orders in large supermarkets – sometimes it takes up to 20 minutes to gather everything. For small orders, it can be up just a few minutes.” The most popular products Kim picks are canned food, water packs, bread and disinfectant soap. “In the morning I see many users ordering fresh milk, eggs and vegetables while in the evenings I tend to pick frozen items and snacks such as chips.”

A recent addition to the team – he joined just two weeks ago – Kim is grateful to be doing his bit to help UAE residents stay safe by staying home.

The InstaShop management ensure that both Kim and Syed have masks and gloves available, and both are grateful for the extra manpower hired to deal with the burgeoning demand.