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Sharjah Police have put in place a security plan designed to ensure comprehensive security measures in the emirate. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Police have stepped up patrols on key roads in the emirate to reduce accidents and ensure smooth traffic flow.

Traffic jams are usually seen during Ramadan as people rush home for iftar. Sharjah Police’s Traffic and Patrols Department has put a comprehensive road plan in place to deploy traffic patrols.

Brigadier Dr Ahmad Saeed Al Naour

Brigadier Dr Ahmad Saeed Al Naour, the Director General of Central Operations, said that Sharjah Police have put in place a security plan designed to ensure comprehensive security measures in the emirate.

Brigadier Al Naour said the traffic department was making every effort to ensure smooth flow of traffic and a reduction in accidents and traffic violations that are usually seen during Ramadan.

‘Maintaining safety and security’

“To ensure all roads are safe, we have intensified our patrols on highways, intersections, roundabouts, shopping areas and crowded places in all parts of Sharjah city in order to maintain safety and security. We are also using traffic patrols to regulate entry and exit to and from mosque parking lots during prayer times. Our main objective is to reduce all negative phenomenon and negative behaviour among some motorists who cause traffic delays.”

Brigadier Al Naour pointed out that police will intensify neighbourhood patrols in various parts of Sharjah, especially in the evening, to monitor the security situation and to assist members of the public.

Brigadier Al Naour appealed to community members to exercise caution and not to let their children go out of the house, especially before iftar, to prevent accidents near residential buildings, on internal roads and in public parks.

Brigadier Al Naour urged all motorists and members of the public to abide by the speed limits and comply with traffic safety rules such as leaving enough distance between vehicles.

‘Do not encourage beggars and street vendors’

He also advised jaywalkers to cross roads only at designated points and use footbridges. He also said that legal action will be taken against those who impede traffic flow, particularly near mosques at prayer time.

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Brigadier Al Naour also warned the public against encouraging beggars and street vendors. He advised people to call the Criminal Investigation Department on 80040 or call 901, or access the ‘guard’ service available on the smart application of Sharjah Police or through its website. He urged the public to call 999 in case of genuine emergencies and 901 for all non-emergency cases.

Brigadier Al Naour called on members of the public to follow all the COVID-19 preventive measures and to cooperate with the police in ensuring security and safety.