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Anyone with an internet browser can 'pilot' the explorer across the moon's surface Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Residents can now see an Augmented Reality (AR) view of how UAE’s Rashid Rover to the moon will explore the lunar surface.

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) and Atlantic Productions have partnered on the free ‘Rashid Rover: Moon Mission’ online experience celebrating Emirates Lunar Mission, the first Arab Lunar mission. The interactive educational AR experience (available on both iPhone and Android phones) is designed to inspire curiosity about space, science, and technology in people of all ages.

The new feature allows viewers to pilot the “super accurate” digital twin of the Rashid Rover around the moon’s surface. The highly detailed 3D models of the Rover and the moon’s surface are optimised to create a smooth Augmented Reality experience accessible through an internet browser. The experience is available to everyone without installing any app.

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Salem Humaid Al Marri, Director-General, MBRSC, said: “Our aim is to ignite curiosity and engage people of all ages in the exploration of the moon’s surface alongside the Rashid Rover. With this interactive AR experience, we hope to inspire imagination and foster interest in space, science, and technology. This unique experience is available in both English and Arabic and makes it accessible to everyone with a smartphone and an internet browser, completely free of charge.”

Anthony Geffen, CEO, Atlantic Productions, said: “We’re delighted to be working with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center on this groundbreaking AR experience which allows everyone across the world to engage and understand the Rashid Rover mission to the moon.”