Burj Khalifa in Dubai decked up in the colours of the Saudi national flag on the occasion of the 91st Saudi National Day. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: On the occasion of the 91st Saudi National Day, which is celebrated on September 23, AbdulRahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, UAE Minister of Health and Prevention, has hailed the common destiny and firm historical relations that have brought the two brotherly countries of UAE and Saudi Arabia together.

Al Owais said: “The depth of our strategic partnership that binds us together and the fraternal bilateral relations have contributed to making outstanding achievements over the past decades. This partnership is gaining further momentum and is growing more to serve the higher interests of the two countries, through coordination, cooperation and continuous consultation in all areas, issues and topics of common interest, under the wise vision of the leadership of the two brotherly countries.”

Saudi-Emirati council

AbdulRahman bin Mohamed Al Owais

The UAE health minister highlighted the role of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council in establishing solid foundations for cooperation under the ‘Al Azm Strategy’. He said: “The two brotherly countries are moving steadily to strengthen relations and build sustainable partnerships in all fields, including the health sector, to enhance the efficiency of the health-care system in the two countries. The innovative projects and initiatives, as well as the complementary relationship in the health-care field, have lived up to the aspirations of both sides and their future vision in achieving the goals of the UAE’s Fifty-Year Charter and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Al Owais extended his sincere congratulations to Saudi Arabia, its leadership and people, wishing them more prosperity and progress, saying: “Your celebrations are our celebrations, your pride is our pride, and your achievements are a source of pride for the two countries.”

Unique model

Dr Mohammed Al Olama

Dr Mohammed Al Olama, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the UAE-Saudi Arabia ties constitute a unique model of constructive strategic cooperation between countries, adding that what binds the two countries together is not only geographical borders, but also strong historical ties based on the values of love, brotherhood, cooperation and working hand in hand to build a better tomorrow, spearheaded by the people who believe in goodness and peace and have common aspirations to advance the wheel of development and growth.

Al Olama made the statements on the occasion of the 91st Saudi National Day, adding: “The celebration of the UAE leadership and people on the Saudi National Day clearly reflects the spirit of loyalty, cohesion and solidarity that binds the two countries.” He underlined that the UAE-Saudi Arabia ties are the outcomes of the work and effort of the founding fathers, as well as the keenness of the wise leadership of the two brotherly countries to achieve more comprehensive cooperation to continue the path of success and achievements.

Strategic relationship

Yousef Mohammed Al Serkal

Yousef Mohammed Al Serkal, the Director-General of the Emirates Health Services (EHS), said that the UAE-Saudi Arabia strategic relationship represents an exceptional model of cooperation and solidarity in all areas and reflects the historical relations between the two brotherly people based on the foundations of mutual understanding, the principles of good neighbourliness, the authenticity of civilisation and the common destiny and path.

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He added: “I am honoured and pleased to extend my heartiest congratulations and blessings to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its wise leadership and people, wishing them continued progress and prosperity, and to the strong brotherly relations that unite the people and leadership of the two brotherly countries, further growth and strength.”

Al Serkal added: “The Emirates Health Services is eager to strengthen sustainable partnerships with the health sector in Saudi Arabia according to an insightful vision aimed at enhancing joint cooperation, exchanging experiences in the health fields, shaping a fruitful future in the health sector to benefit the two brotherly nations.