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Abdul Rahman with Salam Pappinissery and others. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Indian expatriate working in Fujairah has been awarded a compensation of Dh506,514 after a traffic accident that took place on August 22 last year.

Dubai Court, where the expat Abdul Rahman from Kuttippuram in the Indian state of Kerala had filed a case against the insurance company, ordered the amount to be paid to him, besides a reimbursement of the legal expenses incurred by him.

Rahman said he was in his car which was parked in front of a grocery shop where he used to work as a delivery boy. A speeding vehicle suddenly came crashing into his parked vehicle. Rahman’s vehicle was crushed and he sustained severe injuries.

“The court was convinced that the other driver was responsible for the accident and ordered the compensation to me. I have suffered a brain injury that requires life-long medication. I cannot miss even a day of medication,” Rahman said.

Rahman said a family friend Ismayil and some friends approached social worker and legal representative Salam Pappinissery to file a legal case in his favour.

Pappinissery submitted the medical and police reports to the insurance authority. He then filed a case against the insurance company and the driver who caused the accident.

The insurance authority had initially ordered a compensation of Dh500,000. “On its part, the insurance company filed a civil case in Dubai Courts by pointing out that the injury suffered by the victim was not serious and demanded a reduction in the compensation amount,” Rahman said.

However, the insurance company’s claims were rejected by the court. “The court found that the fault was on the part of the driver who crashed into the vehicle. The medical reports were also taken into consideration.”

The insurance company later filed an appeal based on the same argument. However, the appeal was turned down. The court ruled that the medical report submitted in court was sufficient to assess the injuries and the compensation claim.

Money to be used for treatment

Rahman said a large portion of his compensation will go towards his treatment. “I am on life-long medication for my brain injury. If I miss my medication even for a day, I will not be able to stand. I’m jobless now. I am going back home for good. Even in India, I will not be in a position to work any more,” Rahman explained.